Rates stated below are approximate. Because Pet Agree Pet Sitter provides personalized pet care to meet each pet owner’s specific needs, actual rates will be determined following initial interview with the pet owner and may vary depending upon the amount of time required for each visit.
Pet and Home Care Services
Monday through Friday midday daily dog walks 20 minutes: $95.00/week (prepaid)
Vacation and pet sit visits 25 minutes: $20/visit
Additional dog(s) during same visit: $8.00 each
Additional cat(s) during same visit: $4.00 each
Extended visits 40 minutes: $30
Park trips: $40 (minimum 45 minutes at the park)
Pet taxi service: $35.00 plus wait time $25.00/hour
(trip to vet, groomer, etc.)
Pooper scoop yard of waste left from a non-PetAgree visit/walk: $10.00 per scheduled visit as requested
Late book (less than 24 hours): add $5/visit
Security and/or home care (no pets): $15/visit
Our vacation PetAgree visit is 25 minutes of undivided personal attention for your pet and may include the following:
Pet play time and walk/exercising
Administering medication
Scooping litter box/waste removal
Look through house for “accidents”
Feeding fish
Filling bird feeder
Bringing in mail and newspapers
Watering indoor and outdoor plants
Making house look lived in, rotating curtains and lights, turning TV and radio on/off
Taking trash cans in and out on trash day
Other pet and home care services as requested
We accept Visa and Mastercard
Contact us today for a personalized pet and home care
plan and take comfort in knowing that your pet and
your home will be in good hands.